Cincinnati Criminal Appeals Attorney

Do you believe you have been wrongly convicted of a crime?

Mistakes happen to everyone in every area of life. Even in criminal trials. Have you been on the receiving end of a recent criminal conviction? Your rights do not end even though your trial is over. You can actually appeal your conviction. What does that mean, you might ask?

  • The appeals process is when a higher court reviews the lower court’s decision (in this instance, the court of law that convicted you of your crime)
  • In the state of Ohio, appeals are presented to a three-judge appellate panel
  • No new evidence can be presented – only the written briefs of the original case can be utilized

In this phase of your case, you need an attorney who has extremely strong attention to detail, clear and effective writing skills and a keen knowledge of the law so as to develop a strong appellate case for you. You need an Ohio Criminal Appeal attorney who can make a passionate, informed argument in order to possibly have your conviction overturned. You have a chance to get your life back. That is precisely why you need an experienced and effective Ohio Criminal Appeal attorney: John Smith and Associates.

John Smith and Associates: Ohio Criminal Appeal Attorneys Who Are Your Advocates.

Before you decide to come and talk with us about your Ohio Criminal Appeal case, you would like to know more about us, right? First of all, my team and I can offer you a combined 35 years of experience zealously defending our clients not only in trial court, but also appellate court. I used to be a prosecutor prior to my opening this firm, and that experience has given me a wealth of knowledge that has made me a better and stronger defense counsel. Appellate attorneys have to be very detail-oriented along with possessing an in-depth understanding of the law. My team and I possess those qualities and so much more. Please contact us today so we can hear more about your Ohio Criminal Appeal case and evaluate how we can effectively defend you.

Best of all, your initial consultation is absolutely free. We have two offices in Cincinnati – one in Mason and the other downtown. Call us at 513- 421 9700.

Come and see the difference in hiring exceptional Cincinnati Ohio Criminal Appeals attorneys who sincerely care about you and your case’s outcome.