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Talk to an experienced Cincinnati DUI lawyer to fight drunk driving charges, and to try to save your driving privileges. You only have five days from your arrest to try to keep your license. Do not delay. Evidence can be challenged

A Cincinnati DUI lawyer can provide fast and effective action in drunken driving cases. Being arrested does not mean you are guilty. Our firm may be able to take immediate action to:

  • Contest OVI charges.
  • Contest license suspensions.
  • Reduce charges for first offenses.
  • Plea bargain for a shorter license suspension
  • Take cases to trial

Ohio takes driving under the influence very seriously. Almost 19,000 people are arrested for OVI every year. They face suspension of their driver’s license for six months to five years.

How can a Cincinnati DUI lawyer help? After assessing your case, we may be able to work to challenge:

  • Chemical testing results (breath, blood and urine).
  • Police reports for errors in testing and arrest procedures.
  • Whether there was probable cause to stop or arrest a driver, based on an arresting officer’s observations, which may include erratic driving, slurred speech.
  • Surveillance video, to observe how field sobriety tests were administered.

If you need a DUI lawyer in Cincinnati you should act quickly to avoid losing your license. You have only five days from your arrest to request a hearing to challenge a license suspension. There are never guarantees in these cases because of the nature of this crime, and much depends on prior criminal record, the judge involved, and possibly the makeup of a jury.

John Smith is Board Certified in the Field of Criminal Law by the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification. As a firm, we have been successful in OVI cases since our inception.

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