Habeas Corpus Relief

Habeas Corpus Attorney in Cincinnati

Are You Currently Serving a Prison Sentence in Ohio? Do you Think Your Constitutional Rights Have Been Violated?

Serving prison time is extremely difficult on the inmate, but more difficult if you think your rights have been taken away. Does this sound like your present situation? Are you currently serving jail time in Ohio and believe your rights have been violated under the United States Constitution? Habeas Corpus Relief might be a solution for you.

What exactly is Habeas Corpus Relief?

  • It is a writ filed with the Federal Court if a person’s Constitutional rights might have been violated (as in illegal imprisonment).
  • This writ must be filed within one year of the Ohio State Supreme Court denying you relief. Filing this writ early is of the utmost importance

Wrongful imprisonment is a nightmare that most of us hope we never experience. However, it happens more often that you think. Are you living through this nightmare right now? Then I’m so glad you stopped by our website because you need a serious attorney. You need an attorney who knows Appellate law and other post-conviction relief steps in Ohio. Therefore, you absolutely need Patrick Mulligan and Associates. My team and I are waiting to hear from you.

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My team and I have the distinct privilege of advocating for people who are facing unlawful imprisonment that can ruin the rest of their lives. If you have a loved one or if you yourself are experiencing false imprisonment, you can feel confident in coming to talk with us because my team and I have a combined 35 years of passionately defending our clients in trial court and in appellate court.

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