Judicial Release

Judicial (Early) Release Attorney in Cincinnati

Have You Been Sentenced or Are Currently Serving a Prison Term in the State of Ohio? Judicial Release May Be a Possibility For You.

You have been sentenced to prison. Or, you are currently serving your term in Ohio. You probably are feeling like there is no hope, but don’t give up yet. You might be eligible for something known as Judicial Release from prison.

There are specific stipulations where Judicial Release applies, so let me give you some further details about this specific type of release.

  • In order to be eligible for Judicial Release, you can only be serving a prison sentence of 10 years or less.
  • No sentence over 10 years is eligible for Judicial Release.
  • In Ohio, there are certain Motion for Judicial Release filing deadlines that have to be met depending on the length of your sentence. For example, if your sentence is 2 years or more but less than 5 years, you can file the Motion after you have served at least 180 days in jail
  • If the Court sentences you to “mandatory time” in prison, you are ineligible to file a Motion for Judicial Release.
  • Once your Motion for Judicial Release is granted, the Court schedules a hearing where the judge can deny your motion. You only get one chance to file a Motion.

I know this is a great deal of information to process all at once, but you need to have an Ohio Judicial Release attorney who understands this type of release along with other post-conviction motions. Please allow me to introduce myself and my firm. My name is John Smith, and I started John Smith and Associates to be advocates for people who have no voice..

John Smith and Associates: Knowledgeable Ohio Judicial Release Attorneys Willing to Stand Up for Your Rights

My team and I have your best interests at heart. Why? Because we believe every person deserves a top-notch defense, and that belief propels us to do our very best for our clients.

My team and I have a combined 35 years of defending clients and are experienced in drafting and presenting Motions of Judicial Release, so you can rest assured that you have an experienced team behind you. Bottom line: we are dedicated and determined defense attorneys.

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