Possession-Trafficking Arrests

Cincinnati Drug Possession & Trafficking Defense Lawyer

Have You Been Charged With A Narcotics Offense in Ohio? Wondering what to do next?

Drug usage in this country is way up. Consequently, narcotics-related crimes and convictions are up, too. And if convicted, you’ll receive more than just a slap on the wrist by federal and state courts. The potential for long jail sentences and equally huge fines are real.

Have I just described your situation? Are you experiencing a drug or drug-related charge in the Cincinnati area? Some of the potential charges you might be faced with include:

  • Having possession of illegal drugs such as marijuana, crack or cocaine.
  • Having possession of illegally-obtained prescription drugs like Percocet, Xanax, or Oxycontin.
  • Intent of distributing these drugs or corresponding drug paraphernalia as well as the manufacture of illegal drugs.

Do you know your rights when you are arrested on a drug crime? The first thing you should do is ask for your lawyer. If you do not know a good Ohio narcotics defense attorney, I can help you with that. You need attorneys who are knowledgeable in drug crimes as well as the corresponding law and attorneys who are passionate about being an advocate for those in trouble. We can be those attorneys for you. We are John Smith and Associates, dynamic Cincinnati Drug Charge defense attorneys.

John Smith and Associates: Ohio Narcotics Defense Attorneys Ready to Stand Up for You

Drug charges are serious. I know that may sound obvious, but if you have never had your life upended after being charged with a narcotics crime, you need to know how incredibly stressful the whole situation can be. My team and I know the law, and I know how the prosecution thinks, having been a Prosecutor prior to my criminal defense career.

You need attorneys who understand state and federal drug laws, who can navigate the muddy waters of a drug crimes trial and who vigorously fight for their clients’ lives and well-being. My team and I have a combined 35 years of defending clients; it is our passion. Let us show you that today.

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