Regional Narcotics Unit

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The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Regional Narcotics Unit, known as RENU, is a joint task force with the Cincinnati Police Department assigned to investigate organizations and individuals accused of illegal trafficking of controlled substances in the Greater Cincinnati area. RENU utilizes a variety of sophisticated investigative techniques, including wiretaps and other advanced surveillance, intelligence gathering, and undercover operations involving informants and undercover officers. It is essential to have an experienced and well-equipped attorney to combat a law enforcement agency as aggressive as RENU.

We represent individuals and organizations targeted for – and accused of high-level drug trafficking offenses in the Greater Cincinnati area. We have experience dealing with RENU specifically, and have represented clients accused of drug offenses at both the federal and state levels.

A well-planned defense to a drug charge starts at the investigation stage, where law enforcement begins to gather evidence and interview potential witnesses. If charges are filed, it is critically important at that point to review the evidence to ensure that it was gathered in accordance with constitutional standards.

This is called the Motion to Suppress stage, where it is often possible to have evidence that was illegally obtained thrown out by a judge. Finally, it is important to have an attorney with major trial experience if a trial is necessary.

Having an experienced attorney also makes it easier to successfully negotiate and obtain favorable plea deals from the State.

If you, a friend or family member has been arrested by the Regional Narcotics Unit (RENU), give us a call at 513-421-9700 for some of the most experienced criminal defense help in Cincinnati.