Sexual Offenses

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Have You Been Charged with a Sexual Offense?

Allow me to be clear – just being charged with a sexual offense in Ohio can be detrimental to your life. You can lose your job, your family and your reputation. If you are convicted of a sexual offense, you will experience a huge jail term, and you will have to register as a convicted sex offender in the state of Ohio.

In Ohio, sexual offenses can include any of the following:

  • Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor child
  • Prostitution or solicitation
  • Possessing child pornography
  • Rape or sexual battery
  • Public indecency or voyeurism

I understand that you are scared if these types of charges have been levied against you. Along that line, do you know your rights if you are arrested on a sexual-related crime? I can tell you with certainty that the very first thing you should do is ask for your lawyer. If you do not have a tough and experienced Ohio sexual offenses defense attorney, I am glad that you stopped by our site today. We are John Smith and Associates, and we would love to serve as your counsel.

John Smith and Associates: A Team of Ohio Sexual Offenses Attorneys Who Know How to Defend You

You might be asking yourself why you should choose our team to represent you in your Ohio sexual offenses case. Let me tell you a little about us:

  • I have been board certified in the field of Criminal Law by the National Board of Trail Advocacy since 1997.
  • I was named the 2007 Ohio Super Lawyer by Law & Politics Magazine
  • Prior to my career as a defense attorney, I was a prosecutor, prosecuting more than 180 felony cases. Knowing how the prosecution works has helped me be a top-notch defense attorney
  • My associates and I have a combined 35 years of successfully defending our clients

As you can see, we are strong and effective Ohio sexual offense defense attorneys, and I am confident that we can help you. Your first in-office consultation is free. Call our office at 513-421-9700 today.