What Is The Penalty For Vehicular Homicide In Cincinnati?
April 17, 2018
In Cincinnati, What Are The Penalties For A Second DUI/OVI Offense?
April 17, 2018

Don’t talk to the police – ever! Call a lawyer before you have police contact.

In a domestic violence case the statements made at the time of the offense will be relied upon more than any statements later given after thorough reflection.

The only possible safe conversation that can be had with the police is under the supervision of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

The police are under no obligation to read you your Miranda warnings if they simply come up and ask you questions.

Many people are of the understanding that if they are going to be arrested they must be read there rights ahead of time.

That is now a false statement. Only when the police have both placed you under arrest and are asking you questions about the case itself are they required to read you your rights.

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